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Example Archive for the Book ".NET Application Development"

This archive contains examples from the book ".NET Application Development" in electronic form. With a few exceptions, all examples are shown with their output. The examples from the chapters on ASP.NET and Web Services can even be tested online.

1.What is .NET?
2.The Language C#
3.The .NET Architecture
3.2Common Type System (CTS)
Example: SyncAsyncDelegate
3.3Common Language Specification (CLS)
Example: CLSCompliantAttribute
3.4Common Intermediate Language (CIL)
Example: untyped statements
Example: attributes
3.6Assemblies and Modules
Example: multi-file assembly
Example: types from other assemblies
3.7Virtual Execution System (VES)
Example: simple probing
Example: probing with private searchpath
Example: probing with culture attribute
Example: IsSubsetOf - implicit permissions
Example: Demand - permission checking
Example: Deny - denying permissions
Example: declarative security
Example: imperative security
4.The .NET Class Library
Example: Comparer
Example: Hashtable
Example: writing a simple log to a file
Example: listing a directory
Example: monitoring the file system
Example: isolated storage
Example: simple threads
Example: stopping a tread (method Abort)
Example: stopping a thread (using a condition)
Example: thread pools
Example: Lock
Example: Monitor
Example: Wait and Pulse
4.4Network Communication
Example: EchoServer and EchoClient
Example: WebRequest
Example: Assembly
Example: Type
Example: Activator
Example: searching for a method
Example: calling a method dynamically
Example: creating assemblies at run time
Example: file open dialog
Example: HelloWorldForm
Example: MouseEvent color panel
Example: MouseEvent position
Example: BarChartControl CustomControl
Example: XmlReader
Example: XmlDocument from a string
Example: XmlDocument by creating new elements
Example: XPath query
Example: XslTransform
6.1Creating Dynamic Web Pages
Example: aspx page with embedded script code
Example: aspx page with script tags
Example: aspx page with code behind
6.2Simple Web Forms
Example: Adder: a web form with Button, Label and TextBox
Example: event tracking in a web form
Example: Command events for buttons
Example: TextBox
Example: CheckBox
Example: RadioButton
Example: ListBox with statically specified entries
Example: ListBox with dynamically specified entries
Example: ListBox with entries from a database
Example: DropDownList
Example: simple DataGrid
Example: editable DataGrid
Example: Calendar
Example: validators
6.6.1User Controls
Example: User Controls
6.6.2Custom Controls
Example: Custom Controls
Applikation events (Global.asax)
Applikations configuration (Web.config and machine.config)
7.Web Services
7.2Simple Web Service
Example: a simple web service (TimeService)
Example: client in .NET
Example: client in Java
Example: specifying the message format
7.4SOAP und .NET
Example: passing complex parameters, specifying the XML namespace and the encoding
Example: abstract parameter types and inheritance
Example: SOAP header
Example: state management and lifecycle
8.Working with .NET